Research Services

Your questions + K12 Measures = clear answers

K12 Measures will work with you and your organization to identify and answer the most pressing and complex questions about California public schools.

We provide data and analysis resources to help research, policy, advocacy and media organizations go well beyond state averages or narrow queries and help you answer questions like these:

  • Statewide, California’s cohort graduation and A-to-G course completion rates are both rising. In what ways do these trends differ among school districts or among students with different backgrounds?
  • School district funding has changed dramatically in California over the last few years—including more local flexibility, extra funding for high need students, and a substantial increase overall. In what ways have districts changed how they spend their money and how does that differ by county?
  • The state will soon be changing its test of English learner proficiency along with other EL policies. What baseline data can help us evaluate those policy changes and understand how the impact varies across different regions of the state?

Gain new and more accurate insights, faster and at lower cost, by taking advantage of our compilation of cleaned and restructured K12 data assets, our proprietary benchmarks and data management tools, our data visualization expertise, and our staff understanding of education issues.

You can access our services in various ways:

  • Come to us with the specific questions you want to explore or confer with our staff to see what’s possible.
  • Select the information you need and we’ll compile a custom data set for your experts to work with.
  • Work with us to design a full, turnkey project that can include data exploration, data analysis, custom visualizations and editorial services.

Learn how easily you can make sense of your district’s vital signs.
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